lunes, 24 de agosto de 2009

Suggestions not to destroy language. (Daga)

Story using modals (Suggestions not to destrroy language)

Both Laura Gallego and Maite Carranza are writers of fantasy literature (fantasy literature writers), all of their novels were pleased for the readers,() because their novels (them) have action, love and battles. Many of the novels were bestsellers because of the history (are stories) that teenagers and adults enjoy a lot.

The novel Idhún Memoris from (by) Laura Gallego, some people were thought that the story give them the best time reading of their lives (some people think that the story has given them the best reading of their lifes) , because the story take (it takes) part in their emotions very deeply, few were present on the signature of the book. (?)

Maite Carranza is considerate one of the best writers from Spain, She (has) wrote already 40 novels in her life, some people were thought (think) that the Novel The clan of the wolf is the most important novel of Maite Carranza because of the strong feelings that (are) present in the history.(story)

By Daga.

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